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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


This Agreement, referred to as the “Agreement,” outlines the provision of broadcast services through our Box and Services by IPTV Services to you. In this Agreement, “you” and “your” pertain to the individual seeking to utilize our Services. By engaging in any of the following actions:

  1. Submitting an online order.
  2. Electronically accepting the Terms of Service during registration.
  3. Initiating our Terms of Service in an Order Form.
  4. Signing an Order Form at IPTV Reseller; or using our Services.

you acknowledge and consent to be bound by this Agreement, including future revisions. Any specific terms, conditions, instructions, or service limitations associated with the Services you select in your subscription package are considered integral components of this Agreement.

Authorized User, Use, and Responsibility:

Term: This Agreement becomes effective upon your acceptance and remains in force until terminated as allowed by its provisions.

You must be at least 18 years old and possess the legal authority to enter into this Agreement. You affirm the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide.

You acknowledge that IPTV Services relies on the information you furnish for the provision of Services, thus necessitating the accuracy of such information. IPTV Services reserves the right to disable or terminate Services in case of false or erroneous information. You are responsible for promptly updating us with any changes to your personal or billing information, including but not limited to your name, address, telephone number, credit card details, and expiration date.

You agree to use the Services solely for personal use and in adherence to IPTV Services’s Authorized Use Policy and relevant laws and regulations. For commercial establishment subscriptions, prior written approval from IPTV Services is mandatory.

You accept that anyone utilizing the Services at the installation address you provided is considered authorized by you, and you are liable for all associated charges.

Payment of Charges:

Authorization: You authorize IPTV Services Technology to automatically charge your designated credit card for the following types of fees:

Shipping and Handling Fees:

The charges for shipping and handling are specified in your Order Form. Our Technology will bill your designated credit card for these fees. Please note that all shipping and handling fees are non-refundable.

Restocking Fees:

For all returned new items purchased from our website (including Renewal Subscription), a 20% restocking fee applies when returning the item to IPTV Services Technology within 7 days of package receipt by mail or canceling the Renewal Subscription after using the activation code. Customers are responsible for all restocking fees.

Equipment: To access IPTV Services on your television set, you may need to purchase equipment, primarily consisting of cables, wires, amplifiers, STB/receivers, and remotes (the “Equipment”).

Purchased Equipment:

By selecting to purchase our Equipment (“Purchased Equipment”), you agree to pay the prevailing market price for the Equipment in your account registration country and any applicable sales, usage, and other taxes. You also agree not to attempt to reverse-engineer, decompile, or disassemble any software or hardware within any Equipment provided by IPTV Services Technology, as such actions are strictly prohibited and may result in termination of this Agreement, Service disconnection, and/or legal action.

Return Policies: Equipment purchased from IPTV Services may be returned within 7 days after receipt, and a refund will be issued upon Jay IPTV’s receipt of the returned equipment. Customers are responsible for all shipping fees both ways and shipping fees are non-refundable. All subscription fees paid are non-refundable.

IPTV Services Purchased Equipment Warranty:

Communication Charges: To access IPTV Services Services, you are responsible for obtaining and maintaining, at your expense, all necessary equipment and services. You also agree to cover any communication charges incurred while accessing IPTV Services through a third-party network, such as a cable or wireless carrier.

IPTV Services warrants that Purchased Equipment will be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use and service for one year from the date of purchase. All replaced Purchased Equipment becomes the property of IPTV. Replaced Purchased Equipment or parts may be new or reconditioned. IPTV warranties any replaced or repaired purchased equipment or part for ninety (90) days from shipment or the remaining initial warranty period, whichever is longer.

This limited warranty is void if testing and examination reveal that the alleged defect or malfunction in the Purchased Equipment does not exist or results from:

  1.  Failure to follow IPTV Services’s installation, operation, or maintenance instructions.
  2. Unauthorized product modification or alteration.
  3. Abuse, misuse, negligence, acts or omissions by you or persons under your control.

Customer Property:

You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining equipment to access our Services on www.iptvservices.online. IPTV assumes no responsibility for the maintenance or repair of equipment you provide, including but not limited to television sets, VCRs, computers, laptops, other video equipment, remote controls, wireless cards, stereos, or other audio equipment. You are responsible for the repair and maintenance of any equipment you provide.

Customer Information:

Our IPTV Services retains your personal identification information for account management, billing, customer support, and service management purposes. You agree that IPTV may aggregate anonymous, non-personal information for reporting and analysis related to your viewing and usage of IPTV Services.

Customer Service: For technical issues, administration questions, or requests regarding your IPTV account, you may contact our customer service by calling IPTV at (48) 57 350-3225 or sending an email to contact@iptvservices.online.


We are not responsible for content and do not guarantee any rights to it. We provide channel streams as available online via the Internet. IPTV includes links to third-party streaming providers bookmarked within our devices. We deliver these links for accessibility and do not authenticate the companies or contents of such links. IPTV has no control over, is not liable for, and disclaims all responsibility and liability for any such streaming link. ©2017 All Rights Reserved.

Changes to the Terms of Service:  IPTV may modify the Terms of Service at its discretion.

Limitation of Liability:

While IPTV aims to provide continuous, high-quality customer service, we do not warrant that the Services or Equipment provided will perform at a particular speed, be uninterrupted, or error